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Reviews - Scam or legit - January 4, 2019

Scam Or Legit | SerpClix.com

SerpClix is a very unique site for website and blog owners. The site was designed to help book your CTR rating on your website or blog. Furthermore, the site is for anyone who wants to join the site and become a clicker. A clicker is a person who will click on the links displayed in the Firefox browser. Yes, you’ll need Firefox installed on your computer in order to access and work on this site. Once you click on the link in the browser, you’ll be redirected to the website or blog. You must stay on this page until the timer ends. The site will give you a quality score based on your IP address. If you want to join this site, you must join under your own IP address and not use a Proxy or VPN to join this site. There will be a quality check of your IP address so don’t try and cheat by using a Proxy or VPN because you’ll be banned before you can even get started.

Below are step by step guide on how to join this network….

  • Visit the site and click on “Become A Clicker” on the home page.
  • The registration form is displayed where you’ll need to add your email address, select a password, and enter your PayPal account in order to submit the form and join the site.
  • The company needs real people to join the site that has an IP address and not an IP address that is generated through a Proxy or a VPN.
  • When you join the site, they have a detection software that will read your IP address and identify your location. They can tell if you are trying to use a Proxy or VPN, so don’t do this.
  • You must have a home computer that is connected to the internet in order to join this site. You can’t work on this site using your smartphone to a tablet. You can join the site using a Windows or MAC device.


You’ll earn $0.05 to $0.10 each time you click on a link. The amount of money you earn will depend on your location. Once a month the company pays people for the clicks they have made. You’ll need $5 in your account before you can be paid. The company only pays through PayPal and the time you register on the site, you’ll need to add your PayPal ID then.

This is a great site and the least you’ll earn for clicking on a link and viewing a website for 60-seconds is $0.05.


Join this platform and earn. Don’t forget to share your payment proof here.

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