5 Most Painful Sexual Practices

Oral sex
A study published in the International Journal of STD and AIDS indicates that this practice increases the risk of developing conjunctivitis due to Clamydia.
In addition, the inappropriate use of force or the teeth can generate injuries or painful episodes.
This sexual position can cause urinary tract infections due to the abrupt contact of the penis against the urethra. Caution is advised in the intensity of the movements.
The woman on top.
This sexual position is the cause of most injuries in the penis according to research published in Advances in Urology.
Doggy style.
In this position it is the woman who is most exposed to pain as a consequence of the angle for penetration.
The greatest danger is injuries to the vagina, for example, tears.
According to the scientific journal Legal Medicine Costa Rica, 10% of women use this area as a genital area due to the pain it generates.
The skin of this area is very sensitive and delicate.
Therefore, injuries can be serious and require urgent medical attention.
Remember that it is important to go to a specialist who assesses the presence of a disorder or disease that produces pain in the privacy beyond sexual practices that can be painful.
Pleasure is not synonymous with pain.

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