6 Ways To Cure Body Odour Naturally

Body Odour medically called Bromhidrosis or malodorous sweating can be alarming and embarrassing when you find yourself in the midst of people especially your peer group or even people older than you. And because of this, you try to avoid friends or people around you. There are things you ought to know about body odour so that you won’t blame yourself why you are experiencing such situation.

  • What is body odour ?
  • Causes of body odour
  • How to cure body odour

Body odour is an unpleasant situation which results to the body smelling as a result of microorganisms that breaks down sweat from the sweat gland into acid. Usually, this occurs during puberty as a result of an increase in a hormone called androgens. Sweat on its own, is odourless and do not smell. It will only smell when bacteria resident in the armpit and genital area uses them as food.

Furthermore, there are two sweat glands in your body you ought to know and the one that makes your skin to smell. They are as follow;

Eccrine Sweat Glands: They are found all over the body and does not smell.

Apocrine Sweat Glands: They are found in the armpit and genital areas and smells.

Causes Of Body Odour 

  • Sweating due to emotion which causes the apocrine glands to produce more sweat.
  • Lack of daily routine like not taking your bath, not using deodorant on your armpit and putting on dirty clothes.
  • Consuming sugary food, junk food with oil and dairy food like eggs, meat, and spicy substances.
  • Genetics also cause body odour because of variation among people, nation and climates.
  • Intake of drugs makes you sweat as a result of its circulation through the blood.
  • The action of bacteria which causes body odour due to the production of thioalcohol.

Having known what body odour is and the causes of body odour. Also, we need to know how to cure body odour naturally to avoid embarrassments.

1    Take Your Baths Regularly

You should take your bathe regularly especially when you engaged yourself in one form of exercises or the other, after a long day at work, after performing any strenuous activity and most importantly take your bath at least twice in a day

2    Wash Your Clothes When Dirty

Washing your clothes when dirty will help to prevent them from smelling so that microorganisms won’t gain access to your clothes then to your skin when you put them on.

3)    Make Use Of Antiperspirants 

Antiperspirants are chemical substances that help to keep the armpit dry, cool and prevent bacteria from having access to your skin. Before you apply it on the armpit, make sure you shave off the hairs of the armpit so that sweat will not be deposited on it for the microorganism to use as food.

4)    Make Use Of Hydrogen Peroxide 

Apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water using a clean towel to clean your armpit and the genital areas in order to destroy bacteria that causes body odour. Also, hydrogen peroxide acts an antiseptic by destroying the cell component of bacteria.

5)    Monitor Your Diet

You ought to monitor your food especially sugary food, junk food and smelling spice which produce sweat that passes through the sweat duct to the sweat pores of the skin. Also, you make sure you consult food scientist when changing diet.

6)    See Your Doctor If Condition Is Complex 

If you are having a complex condition of over sweating, meet your doctor for counseling on the type of treatment and surgery that can be performed for you to smell well.

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