Annoying Things You Shouldn't Ask A Girl After A Breakup

1. Who went wrong?
I mean what kind of question is this? Does it matter who was wrong? 
The point is, we’re no longer together and right now I just have to get over him. This is one of the most irrelevant questions someone can ask simply because it really never matters.
2. Will you get back together?
Please never ask this question when someone is trying to move past someone. You should be telling someone that they will get past a breakup and there are so many other people who can love her even better than her ex.
3. How are you feeling though?
Of course you’re in a mess so I don’t even understand why someone would ask you about this. When you’re going through a breakup your emotions keep changing every now like someone with bipolar. Please just don’t keep asking someone about their feelings.
4. But don’t you think you guys were cute together?
Of course we were cute together but does that mean I stay with someone who made me unhappy? By the time we broke up it basically means we were not cute enough together.
5. Are you really going to move on?
I am trying to move on and you asking me this is taking me backwards so please allow me to move on in peace. It takes time and the last thing I need is someone tracking my progress and every move.
6. Will you be dating any time soon?
Seriously? Of course I am not ready to move on but what you should be telling your friend is how she will be fine with or without a man.
When a lady is going through a breakup you need to give her room to just heal. You don’t have to keep nagging her about her feelings because the best you can do is just be there for her but please don’t ask annoying questions.


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