Things Men Love About Women

1. Doing the dirty work & getting her hands dirty
If you itemize the usual things that women do, you will likely hear the typical, “shopping, getting my hair done, hanging out with my girls” kind of response. 
Though there are countless other harmless girly activities that might be included. The moment you find out that a girl can skin a cow and chicken you suddenly feel the urge to ask her to marry you. Or when you see her fixing the car and fixing the plumbing or something.
2. Being able to control her alcohol
Cocktails and toned-down alcoholic drinks are the usual preferred drinks for women; getting too drunk with the strong stuff might make them noisy and unladylike (REALLY?). Men, however, have different opinions when it comes to women drinking. In fact, men are often impressed with women who have no concept of a “lady’s drink” and lose the martinis in favor of beer, bourbon, and scotch.
3. Being able to eat whatever the F she wants
A man likes a woman who doesn’t restrict herself when it comes to food. If you’re a foodie, be proud. You know how women tend to eat less because they’re watching their figure? And not only that, they would rather eat those boring food items that you wouldn’t have thought of as edible in the first place *we’re looking at you, broccoli and cauliflower*. Well, screw that! Women  who are not ashamed to guiltless-ly tear into a hunk of nyama choma, or down a pound of chicken  in one sitting are sexy.
4. Being cool with sexuality
Okay, this is a particularly touchy subject to some, but to be exact, men like women who are open and comfortable discussing sexuality. How can that be unladylike? It depends on what type of culture you grew up in, truth be told, it was frowned upon and unladylike for women to discuss sexuality. As a result, their sexual needs were often disregarded and relationships were strained as a result. (smh). Men like women who are open about about sex. One who will tell him what she likes and dislikes during sex.
5. A woman who will defend herself.
Men are attracted to a woman who will stand up for herself, and not run in the opposite direction when threatened. A woman who can throw a punch (not literally but a confidence punch), is a woman that gets a man turned on. Women generally tend to avoid physical confrontations and resort to verbal spars. It is a great treat to find a woman who is perfectly capable of beating the crap out of a disrespectful man, turning him into a sobbing wreck.
6. Laughing out loud and embracing it
Women were taught that laughing out loud (literally) , was reserved for the less civilized folk, and should be replaced by a fake, well-modulated giggle—with your mouth covered, of course. Well, this may be good behavior befitting a formal dinner, but for men, nothing is more sexy than a woman who can laugh her heart out without heed to the risk of snorting.
We are in a different time and space in our lives. We have female CEO’s, Bosses, entrepreneurs and businesswomen. This just shows that women are capable of anything and that includes being who she is, the way she wants to and loving every bit of herself.

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