Allergy Medicines You should Know

These medicine help prevent and contain allergic reaction of the body. They are generally Antihistamine drugs.

1. Allegra adult allergy relief – this allergy medicine helps relieve both indoor and outdoor allergic responses to allergens. It also works fast.

2. Zyrtec allergy relief – they are for children from 2 years up, and they contain no sugar. It eases the allergy symptoms.

3. Claritin 24-hour allergy relief – this allergy medicine reduces the symptoms, and in addition to it, it helps you sleep at night.

4. Zyrtec prescription allergy relief – if you like taking those nature walks, and you have an allergic reaction to pollen, this allergy medicine will help fight this allergy.

5. Benadryl ultratabs allergy relief – if you are allergic to ragweed pollen, this allergy medicine is for you. It relieves the symptoms of allergy if you inhale ragweed pollen.

6. Alcon Raphcon-A eye allergy relief – if you have a sensitive eye, this medicine will help ease the itchiness and redness of the eye.

7. Rhinocort allergy nasal spray – this allergy medicine is specific to the nose region. If you sneeze a lot, or you experience nose congestion. This is the medicine for you.

8. Xyzal allergy relief tablets – this allergy medicine is specific to pet dander or smell.

9. Alaway eye drops- this antihistamine drug relieves eye pain, itchiness and redness of the eye region.

10. Nasacort allergy relief – friendly to the nose region and effective in containing the allergic reaction in the nose.

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