OMG! Get This Tips To Eliminate Blackheads

Blackheads are the most famous types of acne and anyone can get them. Blackhead removal can be very rewarding if done in the right steps. Here are some ten steps to ensure that you eliminate the blackheads.

1) Avoid pore strips and other home-based extraction methods. Scratching, popping any form of acne is the worst thing to do.

2) Don’t waste your time using benzoyl peroxide. Blackhead removal cannot be done with this since they are considered inflammatory.

3) Use a skin brush, which removes excess dead skin cells. It should only be used once a week to avoid irritation.

4) A professional chemical can be used in blackhead removal and other forms of acne. 5) Don’t sleep with your makeup on, this just increases the chances of more blackheads. You can wash your face or try some makeup removal products.

6) Visit a dermatologist for blackhead removal process. The dermatologist will use his/her professional skills to make sure the acne is eliminated for good.

7) You can use a physical exfoliant. This will help in removing dead skin cells and aid in the blackhead removal process.

8) You can always try out a steam session. This helps to remove the gunk that clogs your pores enhancing an easier blackhead removal process.

9) One of the easiest methods to use is applying a clay mask. This will help the extraction of gunk to be more successful.

10) Home remedies can aid in the blackhead removal process. These include baking soda, lemon or toothpaste.

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