How to Make Up To $5USD Daily Answering Questions Online

Are you an expert on a certain subject? If so, you can make money answering questions online. Best of all you can work when you want!

It never ceases to amaze me how many cool and interesting ways there are to make money online. Did you know that making money can be as simple as answering someone else’s questions online?

We are introducing WWW.TWIBBA.COM

We reward all our members for actively participating in the community by asking questions, answering questions, updating their profiles, referring new members e.t.c. These rewards come in our virtual “Tira” currency which can be exchanged for real money in naira.

We pay people like you for answering common questions on various topics. If you have knowledge in a certain field, we will pay you to answer questions online posted by various users.

If you don’t know the answer to the questions, don’t worry. You can always do research to figure it out or use your own personal experience to position yourself as an expert in a particular field.

List of the activities we reward you for:

  1. Asking Questions
  2. Answering Questions
  3. Updating Your Profile
  4. Answer Weekly Brain Teasers
  5. Refer New Member
  6. Share Premium Post Links

Frequently Asked Questions

How many questions can I ask everyday? You can ask as many questions as possible.

I asked a question but it didn’t appear, why? All questions on our network are manually moderated by our staffs. Questions will only appear after they are approved. Repeated or meaningless questions WILL NOT be approved.

Is there a withdrawal limit? Yes, users have a monthly maximum withdrawal limit of ₮5000 Tira.

How often can I withdraw? All withdrawal requests must be made on the last day of the month.

When will I get paid? All payments are processed from the 1st – 10th of every month.

What kind of answers are allowed? We accept and approve any answer, as long as it is not spam or entirely unrelated to the question asked.

What is the breakdown of your reward for activities? Our reward algorithm is not fixed. It gets very high and also could get a bit low too. But be rest assured that we are generous about rewarding our members. You could see how much Tira you were rewarded with for any activity by going to “MY EARNINGS” page.

What are your payment methods? We process payments through Paypal and Wire Transfer.


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